Sabtu, 29 November 2008


Chess's most prestigious tournament in 2008 (World Chess Championship 2008), which is very seize attention in the human chess across the world finally has been perfect.
Indian chess players who get the call'Tiger of Madras' GM Viswanathan Anand (2783) eventually game accurate with a successful dual win against with chess player Russian GM Vladimir Kramnik(2772) with the score sizable 6.5 - 4.5.
Noisy scene in the city of Bonn, Germany in 'cinema chess' world that has passed. All the attention of observers in the world chess 'directed at the city of Bonn in the Nazi state.
After playing 11x (12x from the main plan plus playoff ended when equilibrium 6-6) from the 14's 29 October 2008 the flash Vishy Anand 3x win, lose 1x and mussel 7x.

Place match in the design, such as movie theaters with twenty one super-sophisticated technology and broadcast directly via the Internet to the world that make this among the various chess. With the prize is tantalize, and admission to the place where millions of rupiah rivalry, the sport appears to chess this is managed by a professional sports industry.

Various servers, such as online chess chessclub (ICC), (ChessBase), (fics), chessvibes,, chessdom, twic (chesscenter), (streaming video) was rollicking merelay Akbar super chess title in Germany between 2 Grand Master 'magic' is chess.

GM Viswanathan Anand is strengthened by 3 his troops plus accompanied by wife Aruna Anand has been playing with a good one (only to slip in the innings to 10) is stable, full of confidence. Anand has been demonstrating the discovery of new (novelty) that caused Kramnik .
As we see Anand playing dare with complications and often do not castling in this.

With the shock-shock step that is often playing pawn opening minister (1.d4), only 11 innings to play 1.e4 make progress rivalry violent and tense enough. Step by Anand proved effective for the muted violence Kramnik. To fight innings per innings have been very many sites on the internet that report. I'm in this post only summarize it.
Congratulation to vismanathan Anand.
following reports the results of the match that I take from various sources: