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Game Chess

Game Chess is a mental game played by two people.
Chess players are people who play chess, both in the match one opponent and one against a lot of people (in informal circumstances). Before the battle, chess player choose the man he will play. There are two colors that distinguish chess pawn or seeds, which are black and white. Holders of the white pawn start the first step, followed by the next holder of a black pawn alternates.

Game chess are held on board, consisting of 8 row and 8 lines of black boxes and white (or light and dark) criss cross. Game chess start with 16 pawn in their respective parties, which were prepared specifically in the parade each of the chessboard in a face-to-face. A pawn can only occupy one box. At the forefront of each row - which there are 8 pawn pawn, followed behind in two fortresses, two horses, two elephants, one minister and one king.

Before the battle, choose a color chess game pawn that he will play. Holders of the white pawn start the first step, followed by the next holder of a black pawn alternates. The goal is reached position game mats. This can happen when King threatened and can not get to the other. Not always the game chess ended with the defeat, because it can also occur, or series of events in which the mussel both parties, both could no longer continue the match. Mussel events can occur based on this agreement or not. One example of mussel that is not based on the agreement - but it must occur in the mussel is eternal.

There are several versions of the game Chess - like the Quick Chess, Chess blind, Chess Serial, and so forth.

Famous chess players from Indonesia, among others, the GM Utut Adianto(2554) and GM Susanto Megaranto(2540) . Organization of Chess shading the sport in Indonesia is the Sports Association of All Indonesian Chess (PERCASI).

Chess regulated by an international organization called FIDE.

About the term chess

Chess words taken from the Sanskrit language which means "four". However, this actually is an abbreviation of the chessboard, which means that the four corners.
Ancient India in the chess game is played by the four participants in the four different angles. This is different from chess player modern chess in which the participants just two people.

Then the word chessboard is absorbed in the Persian language to be shatranj. Chess word in the English language is taken from the Persian shah.

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