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Chess Sets

Playing chess is a game that is very popular in the world.
may be different thin with only football.
In many popular sports chess, starting from the bottom of the class to upper class.
Games are also categorized as a sport this is generally compete on the strategy and run the visual.

The players see the layout strategy opponent, and then observe the road which must be taken and with the field of chess where.
In the game, chess sets analysis relies on subtlety and players, along with skills in determining the strategy, plan, risks, and must decide when to sacrifice to win. various equipment is a chess game of chess pieces, chess board and chess clock.

The size of the board chess sets is usually chosen to be appropriate for the chess pieces used, and squares should be between 50mm and 65mm in size (2.0 to 2.5 inches). A square size approximately 1.25 to 1.3 times the size of the base of the king is preferred (the base of the king should be about 78 percent as wide as the size of the squares.)

In modern commentary, the columns (called files) are labeled by the letters a to h from left to right from the white player's point of view, and the rows (called ranks) by the numbers 1 to 8, with 1 being closest to the white player, thus providing a standard notation called algebraic chess notation.

In older English commentary, the files are labeled by the piece originally occupying its first rank (i.e. Queen, King's rook, Queen's bishop), and ranks by the numbers 1 to 8 from each player's point of view, depending on the move being described. This is called descriptive chess notation, and is no longer commonly used.

Chessboard with Staunton chess pieces
DGT Electronic Chessboard that autosenses moves and interfaces to chess clock and computers.
A chessboard is often painted or engraved on a chess table. The photograph shows a chess table in a park.
A chessboard is the type of checkerboard used in the game of chess, and consists of 64.


Hours chess standard consists of several important elements such as:
1. Two timers, each of the players for the white and black players
2. flag (the flag), as a marker of time out

Rules / regulations of hours of chess is as follows:
1. Chess clock placed in the right players that hold black fruit
2. Hands of pressing the button chess clock must be the same as running a hand chessman.

chess clock as we know with 2 types: analog chess clock (for example, the brand made in Germany Jerger) and a digital chess clock (such as the DGT 2000). Digital chess clock, which is the latest DGT XL and DGT 2010, which is currently often used in tournament-level international tournament.

Chess bag
Road and the protection of small or large, play chess and watch! Now, according focus on the club with a larger size or 4 "game of chess. Plus, the Chronos and other major long hours and now this new party easily pocket of luxury chess tournament. Zip fasteners can enjoy a good , And consider that the quality of this cheap, really useful variant of chess pocket. Regardless of whether there will be in accordance with caution When ready to play, just unzip the bag, and within seconds everyone and get ready to play!

So when you go to class, or when you need to practice at home. Remove the bag and everything that is waiting for you. Search for the missing pieces when, for example, a smart, all-in-a bag of chess sets.

The new shoulder strap makes it easier for you to make a game of chess and other elements that must be done.
The Stock Exchange of Chess Deluxe is the smartest choice for low-cost raw game.

* 24 "x 8" x 3 "standard size suitable to all groups of 4 1 / 4" high (even with the additional Queens)
* Strong sewn, and the quality of zippers long
* Protect your computer with a good design upholstered
* Easy to enter draft balanced
* Use your favorite time

Chess table
Artistic table Chess sets is a chess table! With four right-hand corner supports increasing the base, and promoting unusual inlaid board, which gives air and the emergence of a highly desirable to look at the chess table! Thin lathed corner seats are elegant form, and on board rests on top is very classic and research Square. Playing with the Security Council, all you need are big chunks of some of your best games!

The somewhere is the best wood: mahogany, maple, walnut, and all Briarwood take their place. In addition, inlaid checkerboard tiles and beautiful mosaic border. Test your failures, and try a new excitement with this beautiful chess sets table!

* The height of the table: 24 "
* Table Width: 23 "x 23"
* The square format: 2 3 / 8 "
* Note: The chess pieces are not included.

Chess computer
Another equipment Chess sets
Certified by Garry Kasparov, the strongest chess computer in a range of price! With the remaining power play and that of the 256 profiles, this computer is ideal for advanced chess player. With its combination of features and game play Mode setup options, this computer will offer you all the diversity and encouragement you need to end the chess match. 64 levels of the game, a very strong program, the data way to see the computer mind, Coach mode, you must move-200-back, advice given, all big empty and many famous grandmaster switch to college. Other features include sensory chess board-board LED lights, protective storage cases rolled, LCD display, chess clock, power feature, unfinished games and storage. AC adapter included.


* 2300 posts
64 * Playing levels: Normal, tournament, chess Fast, Fun, Infinite, troubleshooting, Training
* Very strong program: ideal for advanced players.
* Info way: watch the computer thinks for additional insight!
* Coach Mode: fallible and taktikal alert warning
* 200-move draw back: a chance to experiment!
* Setting up positions and issues for further study
* Advice given - ask the computer to move the proposal!
* All empty and many large well-known grandmaster moves that are stored
* The option to play against a friend using the computer as a judge!

Other general features:

* It is easy to feel Chess Board - simple error-free move entry
* Community LED Lights - clear indicators move
* Results of Silver and tin pieces - metal look and feel
* Piece of storage compartment - for safe keeping to --
* 4-digit LCD TV
* Built-hour Chess - sharpen their skills
* Automatic Power Down power management features and Intelligence - to preserve battery life
* Laser Games held in memory of
* AC / DC adapter included


* Warranty: Make 2-year warranty
* Power supply: 6 AA batteries (not included) / AC adapter (included)
* Step: 13.25 x 10.5 x 7 / 8 to book (7 3 / 4 "for the game) King height: 1 7 / 8 book

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