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Basic chess game

To play chess in need of equipment chess.
Chess equipment that consists of:
1. Chess Board
2. Chessman totaling 32 seeds.

Chess board.
Places to play Basic chess game
or chess board called a rectangular shape. Comprising of 64 plots in 2 colors. 64 plot, the colors give the lapse of intermittent, 32 plot, black / brown 32 plot, the other white / yellow.
The colors that are commonly used in international chess world, namely cinnamon and crème.

Each of the 64 plots that many each have their own name.
Middlebury plot, the horizontal line in the name of the code name of the letter a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h. While the plot, which range in vertical columns with the name digit code name: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8.

Chessboard to be set in such a way to the right of players who play well with the fruit of black and white is white blaze, with such plots will be black corner on the left side of the players.
For example, in game one of the plot, his chess board should back in the game.

To facilitate the recording / notation in the Basic chess game you note the diagram below. In the diagram you can see all the plot, plot, with all the code name of each so that we will make it easy to learn.

Next track and cross the line and intersect at the meeting point between the columns and rows we give the name by name and added line with the name of a track where the meeting point.

Fruit Chess
Before the chessboard in a Basic chess game that absolutely must be there, namely chess pieces.
Chessman in the chess game is all a total of 32 seeds with details of 16 seeds and 16 seeds, black and white.


King = 1 King = 1
Minister = 1 Minister = 1
Bishop = 2 Bishop = 2
Knight = 2 Knight = 2
Pawn = 8 Pawn = 8

Step way.

In each game chess players always with the white pieces in the opportunity to give first step (regulation play chess).
Then there are alternate until the end that is one of the players or surrender the game ended with the mussel / draw.
Let us see a step of the way of chess pieces, because in this game of chess pieces have each step of the way different.

1. King.

The king of sports in the Basic chess game has a very special position, because the King must be protected from attack the opponent, because when we were attacked, and King can not be protected by shifting to the plot, which is not in the threat, or we protect the fruit with the other Die the King. And this means we have to knuckle under.
Goals from in the play chess is to kill the King of the opponent.

How stride.
The king only allowed to step checker around them that is not a threat in the opponent's pieces (1 step only).
Except in castling, because this is a step castling special.

2. Minister.
This category includes the Minister of the officer in charge, this is the bias we see from the way step of the row, column or diagonal.

3. Rock
Besides Minister Rock also include heavy commission .. In almost the same way step by the Minister of the Ministry of bias, if only to control the Rock, not diagonally.
Obviously Rock can control lines and columns from the place mastered.

4. Bishop
Bishop in the Basic chess game called the officer light.
How do the fruit is awry with the diagonal, and if we see the chessboard diagonals color always, therefore, for Bishop was to control the blaze of white bias does not move to a black vice versa.

5. Knight
Knight as well as Bishop, Knight called the officer light.
How do the Bishop is a form letter L.

6. Pawn.
Pawn , although the smallest chess pieces in the Basic chess game but this fruit has many distinctive, from its fruit if this step can be directly 2 plots straight possibility of only 1 or plot the future.

Pawn this can only be run forward without retreat, such as the fruit of another.

How to eat.
If you eat the fruit of other ways such as running, but will not pawn. Pawn eat with the other sideways forward / diagonally but only one plot.
Eat en 'passant (casual).
If we pawn passed by the opponent with a pawn advance two steps that diagonal, pawn if the opponent is one step only way we can eat the remains The case is allowed to eat as if we just walk 1 step only.
This movement is called eat en 'passant. This movement can be done with the requirements of the opponent is a direct step we eat and when we sisipi with the other steps that we hilanglah right way to eat en 'passant it.

Pawn Promotion
Pawn able to escape the blaze continued until the last where not able to move forward again exchanged with the Minister of bias, Rock, Bishop, or Knight at the players regardless of the fruit that still exist in the chess table.
Substitutions are commonly referred to as pawn promotion. Swath from the last row called the plot a campaign.

Castling is the stronghold of King and calculated step 1.
Steps are as follows:
Take the King continues to plot a self-colored line in the fortress and then skip the king and placed beside exactly.
Conditions Castling.
1. King of the fortress and had never stepped.
2. Checker between the king and fortresses.
3. The king and the checker between the king and the fortress is not in the enemy threat.

Stelling Beginnings.
How to put the fruit when the Basic chess game would start at the beginning of the call stelling.
Minister of white and white is always in the plot.
Minister in the black swath of black.
King of black and white in the plot. Meanwhile, the King plot, in black and white.
In the right white players "h1 always swath of white color.
Likewise, in the right players A8 black and white color also plot each live in the fortress.

To be able to speak and understand the science we must understand chess notation.
Notation means the note or the language chess.
The chess notation in FIDE, namely 2 system,
1. Algebra system.
2. System disentangled

In algebra system checker given name.
This system is often in use in Indonesia because it is easier to understand.
(notation long) (short notation)
C2 ------- C4 --------------> C4
Gc1 ----- C3 --------------> gc3
Kb1 ----- D2 --------------> kd2
Re1 ----- C2 --------------> rc2
Md1 ---- D5 --------------> md5
The principle difference in the system of notation that this division of chess board, if the system is divided algebra with a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h in the system are:
a. in the name QR (QUEEN ROCK FILE)
b. in the name QK (QUEEN KNIGHT FILE)
c. in the name QB (QUEEN Bishop FILE)
d. in the name Q (QUEEN FILE)
e. in the name K (King FILE)
f. in the name KB (King Bishop FILE)
G. in the name Kt K (King KNIGHT FILE)
h. in the name KB (King ROCK FILE)

King abbreviated K
Queen abbreviated Q
Rock abbreviated R
Bishop abbreviated B
Knight abbreviated Kt
Pawn abbreviated P

Line in the eighth gave the number from one to eight with the first line of each party for both white and black.

Notation system for the step.
Each step must be recorded in the abbreviation of the name of chess pieces and plot, in which direction.
SYSTEM algebra SYSTEM disentangled
Kg1 ------ f3 Kt------ Kb3
Kg8 ------ F6 Kt------ KB3
Md1 ----- e2 Q-------- K2
Gc1 ------ D2 B-------- Q2
Beating we love the sign X
Castling short ----- 0 ---- 0 we write with the Castle KR (Castle K)
Castling long 0 --- 0 ---- 0 in writing with Castle Q
Please note!
That the system in this chess board in the 2
The wings and wing minister of the king.

Techniques Games.
Technique In this game we usually are introduced in 3 face namely:
1. Initial phase / phase beginning.
2. Stanza mid / middle phase
3. Final round / final phase

The early innings.
Initial phase / phase or common at the beginning of a very difficult for experts to chess set rules that can be used in all kinds of opening. For each opening has a distinctive style that makes the game into another.
However, not benchmarks in this round.
therefore, let's see what and how the opening stanza? and what obligations we?
In this phase our obligation to control the blaze quickly spread to central and chessman us in such a way we become ready to attack the defense that set the DN in the type of theory that the opening of this very much.

Type in the game can be:
1. Games open.
Including the type of game this is the opening of Spain, (1.e4 e5, 2Kf3 Kc6, 3Bs3); Opening 4 horse (1.e4 e5 2. Kf3 Kc6, 3. Kc3 Kf6)
Russian defense (1. E4 e5 2. Kc3 Kf6, 3. Kf6), Games Philidor (1. E4 e5 2. Kf3 d6) and the next. Which all have cirri opening pawn in front of King E4 in reply e5.
In opening with the type of game such as this will be very exciting from the beginning that make this type of opening is most popular in the last century until now.
This game is very sharp type of step by step so that each player must remain vigilant and not make mistakes in this phase of a fatal consequences.

2. Games closed.
Including the type of game this is the opening of ministers Gambit (1 D4 D5, 2. C4 C6) defense Slavonic (1. D4 D5, 2. C4 C6) tarrach defense (1. D4 D5, 2. C4 C6, 3. Kc3 C5, 4. Cxd5 and so on.)
Style game closed with the opening of the other open because the games will happen here stay calm from the beginning. Here it is important to set the attack and defense gradually.