Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Chess Computers - Should You Get One?

The chess computer is a tool, a skill builder if you want. For those who really enjoy the game of chess, there is no better partner to play. While many who want to play chess to enjoy one of these computers, I have to say, they are often expensive and are often use complicated for a novice computer user. But for others it is very great tools for your chess career.

I recommend you to use Houdini also rybka 1.5 and 4 for the study.

The name Houdini was chosen because of the engine's positionaly style, its tenacity in difficult positions and its ability to defend stubbornly and escape with a draw – sometimes by the narrowest of margins. On the other hand Houdini will often use razor-sharp tactics to deny its opponents escape routes when it has the better position.
The Rybka 4 opening book is a high-class compilation of opening theory. It was developed for the world’s strongest chess program Rybka 4 and will maximize the program’s playing strength. The choice of variations in the book is well suited to the style of the program, and the book has been fine-tuned and checked in thousands of games.

The Good
There are a number of advantages of owning your own chess computer. For example, you can play whenever your heart tells you in the morning in the middle of the night. You do not have to wait until your friend is in the mood. You also have the option of tutorials to help you learn, play, or your ability to play with them can increase your own computer. They are designed to allow all kinds of games, so you do what you deem necessary. You can restore a game that was bad ;-)

The Bad
There are some drawbacks, these machines also. A chess player who can not not man the error that man can do. Therefore, the computer is a competitor much more difficult. Not only that, but they are not, as you play for the reactions of the human preparation. And of course they may have an investment as well. You can take several options to choose from, but from the software programs to complete.
The Verdict
It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to computers like these chess computers comes. For many it is the goal of owning a chess computer is only a dream. You have to understand that especially for those who acts experienced players who play chess in the club. Again to have to this point many a chess coach. The chess computer can be the chess coach, you need to can take the game to a higher level less. If the funds for a chess computer and a genuine love for the game, so the purchase, you can put on the rest.

"Today, without helping of computers,

it is hard to imagine playing chess".

(GM Viswanathan Anand)